About Us

Welcome to the first step in understanding how to take care of your Mental Health. We appreciate your willingness in helping yourself.

As humans, we go through so many events in our life which bring to the surface many emotions. Sometimes we are in full control of ourselves, but not always!.

We don’t have people listening to us, nor we have a lot of people around who will understand what you are saying to them. We can almost get upset trying to make people decipher what you want to communicate to them. That’s Tiring! Frustrating! Stressful! & Depressing!

That’s when we come into your lives. To help you and support you through your difficult times. We are here to listen!

You can talk about anything that you are feeling or thinking. We are here to listen to you with a non-judgemental ear.

To help you figure out what you would like to talk about, we do have a list of concerns that we have jotted down to help you understand what help you need with.

Its ok to feel what you are feeling. It is overwhelming. But there is a way out!.

Call us. We ll take you through the process.