5-Step Process


1. Connect

You might have heard about us from a friend, family or just saw a post on the big wide web. Welcome! You can now connect with us either online or by telephone to understand a little bit more about us, or you might have some questions that need to be answered before we are off on this self-care journey.

5-Step Process

2. Good fit?

Through our extensive experience in the mental wellness field, we have developed a unique experience for you to be onboarded. This involves completing an intake form at your own time allowing us to get an insight into the issue that is your current concern. If we feel this can be something we can help you with, we will reach out to you for consent as per guidelines of ISMHO.

3. Consent

If we are a good fit then you will be sent a consent form. This form contains a lot of text! This is to give you a better understanding on how we handle eligibility, services, fees and payment, cancellations, technology, liability, confidentiality, complaints and termination.

FYI, here you will be required to pay only for the first session.

5-Step Process
5-Step Process

4. Book a session

Now at this step you can choose to book via email, phone or the link to the booking form below. The booking form will allow you to book the relevant invidual or couples’ session online for available times with each counsellor. If you wish, any subsequent sessions can also be booked in using this form or with your counsellor towards the end of the session.

5. Wellness Time!

Great job on completing all the steps! Come on in for your first online therapy session with us! Things that you might want to keep in mind to make the most out of your online session:

– A fantastic internet connection

– Privacy/ A quiet space

– Headset for clarity in audio and confidentiality

– Turn off notifications on your smart phone, smart watch and computer

– Ask your partner to take a walk 😉

– Finally don’t forget to get your favourite hot beverage and tell us all about it

5-Step Process