Who are you?


As a budding, up-and-coming mental health professional, you know what it takes to provide top-of-the-class service to clients because you expect the same back from other services you get. You may be looking to register with one of the governing bodies in Canada, US, UK or Australia. You certainly have an opinion on how to improve mental health services for people. You ideally like that flexibility in your schedule to fit in your study, work and ofcourse some play. You are so used to interacting with people over video calls that providing therapy services online sounds like a piece of cake.


Mid-Career Professional

(with a family or a BMW or both)

You have been in the field long enough to be an expert in one or various mental health therapy specializations. You are probably even registered with one of the local governing bodies in the mental health space. You have a small family or other aspirations that motivate you to work a little extra. You would also like to avoid that extra time you spend going and coming back from a physical location because you value time with your loved ones or things. You would like to continue building your own brand as well as support a firm that has the best interest of the client at its core.

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Thought Leader

You feel its time to pay it forward. You have been registered for a long while now and would like to help the young ones out with best practices, your experience, and knowledge. You want to mentor a few ambitious ones from your balcony or resort sipping on some mojitos. You would like to have an advisory role in a small mental health clinic because you want great work to penetrate all levels in this space. You have ideas on how to make therapy a great experience.


Who are we?

We are a small practice that is trying to get the best talent possible because we understand that, that is what gives the best client experiences. We are a practice that aspires to have the happiest practitioners by making sure every feedback is heard and acted upon. We would like to make mental health services accessible for all and we need you to do that! If you resonate with anything you read here or have questions on how we can make this work, please do reach out to We look forward to hearing from you!

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