Zainab is innately blessed with a calm and composed persona which is ideal for a mentor/supervisor. When I was training to be a counselor, it was a privilege to be mentored by her and she was always available to all my queries as she takes her role as a mentor very seriously. The tips she shared so willingly by  self disclosure added to my skills and kept me away from ills such as stress, transference  etc. I find myself constantly looking back on her suggestions and corrections even to this day and it makes me more self aware on how to be a better counselor. She allows you the space to create your own style of counseling.

Having worked for years under her, I have observed her skills as a counselor very closely. She is astute and professional in her approach and her ability to comfort her clients and at the same time slowly make them ‘pull up their socks’ so to speak, is something which was commendable. Working in a school background we had innumerable parents coming in with no real idea of what a counselor does and she very patiently used to guide them through and eventually the hardest of parents became her allies!

In Marital counseling her reputation is commendable and she has helped many couples overcome their differences and make good their lives.

It has been a pleasure being associated with Zainab and I will always be grateful to her guidance which has made me who I am today.


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