Giving Each Other Some Space

Giving Each Other Some Space

Space Is The key To A Healthy Relationship

We keep listening to the word ‘Space’ all the time. Do we know what it actually means? Why is it so important to give each other space in a relationship? Why is it that we get married or stay with each other under the same roof, if we have to give space to each other?


Well, any relationship, whether you stay together or not, goes through its ups & downs. Challenges come and go, its about how we handle it. Issues are handled better when you are able to respect the fact that the other person may not want you around all the time & that definitely does not mean that your partner does not love you or care for you.


Let’s look at some ways which will help you to give your partner some space.


Does your world revolve around your spouse?World revolves around spouse

It is important to understand that we cannot be hovering over our partners all the time. It is nice to feel wanted but not to an extent that the other person gets suffocated around us. A healthy distance between partners will only help in growing the relationship even more.


Have you identified your purpose in life?


When I speak about purpose, what I mean is that our purpose cannot be our spouse. Many of us, when we get married, tend to leave everything that we have been doing before, that gave our life a direction.


How would you rate your self esteem?

Self esteem

Does your self – esteem depend on your spouse? If your spouse does not talk to you, do you feel rejected, unwanted, not loved? If your spouse is not communicating with you, the reason may not always be you. Right? Think about it.

Your skill becomes your strength


Do not let your skills wash away with time. These skills later on become your purpose, your strength.

Where does your happiness lie?



Does your happiness lie in keeping your spouse happy all the time? Do you see yourself happy only when your spouse is happy with you? Happiness, needs to come from within. If you have some skills, they become your strength, automatically it adds to your self esteem. Ending up in your happiness.When you are happy, you will be able to even make your relationship healthy.

How well connected are you with your friends?


It is imperative to have friends around. Do not lose touch. Friends are the ones who will help you feel lighter and feel better about what you are doing in life.

Are you someone who cries at a drop of a hat?


Do you see yourself crying a great deal after being in a relationship? Do you feel sad and upset most of the times? If yes, its time to lift yourself up, and only you can do it. Start discovering yourself. Ask yourself questions. What is it that you love to do the most? Can you learn something new? Can you revive a skill that have been forgotten?


It is essential to find our meaning in life. Our life cannot and should not revolve around any one person. Yes, you do have people in your life who are important to you but what is the point, if your actions do not make the other person happy or keep your relationship healthy.


Therefore, we need to build our own identity. Find something to do which will help you create a healthy space between you & your partner. This will bring you self – confidence and eventually it will end up in keeping your marriage healthy.


Do share with us about what you think about ‘giving space to your partner’ & what is it that you do to keep your relationship healthy?


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