Feeling low? What to do?

Feeling low? What to do?

2 quick ways to feeling happy!

The best of the best people, who look very strong and have proved it time and again, fall short of their coping mechanisms. We all at some point in our life feel extremely low and want to bury ourselves in some remote place, never to be noticed again.

Having said that, it is ok to not be happy all the time. I completely understand that we experience some troubling times in our life. It could be our job, spouse, family, children, parents or friends. I, being a Counsellor, slip into the mode of Feeling low too. What do we do about it? How do we get out of that mode?

We all have the innate potential to take care of ourselves


Let’s start with what we can do to help ourselves and feel in control of our emotions even when we are feeling low because as humans we do

have the potential to bounce back. The reason I say “control” is because we do not want to get to a point where we lose ourselves. Coming back from that space, gets a little difficult, if we do not have the right help & support.


  • Talk to YourselfTalk to yourself

First step, Self- Talk, I tell myself, “Its is ok for me to feel low, sad, negative, it does not make me incapable or incompetent. I have done brilliant things in the past, this ‘situation’ cannot wear me down”. When I say this to myself, I feel an instant relief, it makes me more confident about who I am. I, almost immediately feel a gush of energy entering my body. Sometimes, saying it just once, does not help, we need to say it so many times that we believe it, because that is our truth. When I first tried it, I found it so silly, but the trick is to keep saying it, till you feel good. When you reach that point, you will wonder why people do not try ‘Self talk’.


  • Physical ActivityPhysical activity

Second, Act, we need to remember when we do not feel good about ourselves, we tend to drown into ‘unrealistic thinking’, which gets us both mentally & physically tired. Therefore, to release that negative energy from your body, it becomes important to get involved in some physical activity. This will instantaneously help you release those negative emotions through your body. Physical activities can include anything from cleaning, cooking a dish, washing clothes, arranging your cupboard, going for a walk, swimming, taking a good long bath etc. Basically, the trick is to get yourself occupied doing something else that is more pleasurable for you. That automatically sets you off in a ‘good mood’.


Even to be able to do the above two things, we all need to have the basic drive to take care of ourselves. If you find yourself, lacking the motivation to even try anything by yourself, if you feel you do not have any support around you. If you feel low on energy, not able to sleep, not able to eat. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with a professional to guide you through.


There is help, you just need to reach out to it. You are not alone in this. Call us today @ +1 (647) 939 1730.


Stay tuned for my next blog that talks about Unhelpful thinking styles. This will be a place where you could know more about yourself!


I am sure we all have our own ways of coping in difficult situations, comment below and tell us what do you do to make sure you do not slip into the mode of helplessness. Your comments will help others to try what you do & who knows, you may be helping someone with your ideas to handle their life better. Help someone today!


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