Moving to another country!

Moving to another country!

Miss being home? Don’t feel belonged ? Simple things to keep in mind..

If you are missing home, then hats off to your parents, friends & your country who have loved you unconditionally that you are finding it difficult to live without them or get used a life of not having them around you. Parents, take a bow! Good news is that you are and will always be connected to them no matter which part of the world you are in.


It is so ironic, when we are with them, we fail to appreciate what they do for us or even acknowledge their presence sometimes. The minute they are out of sight, it almost becomes impossible to envision a life without them & we start regretting why did I not have some more dinners together, why did I not go out more often, why did I not get back home early to spend some time with my mom & dad, why did I not do some travelling with my parents, why did I have that grumpy face and not talk to them, why??? Yes, it is not easy.



Moving to another country, is definitely not an easy transition. It takes a lot of patience, courage, purpose & motivation to be able to stick on to the place which is not your home & its ok!


There will be days where you will cry yourself to sleep, you will not be able to eat, you would not know where to go, you will find it difficult to use the transit, the weather will not help you at all, talking & understanding different accents may be a challenge or you might experience a culture shock.

Just everything around seems new & difficult. Its is ok! There are people who will adapt without any hassles & there are some who will take longer. It is absolutely fine. We just need to make sure that we are not slipping into a state where we are not able to take control of our emotions.


I am here to help you cope through your difficult time.Misshome

Do not be harsh with yourself & stay connectedTalkitout

There must be a great deal of pressure on you, you may not want to feel or look weak in front of your loved ones & it is ok. Having said that, do not stop talking to people who are important in your life. Stay connected to your family & let them know what you feel. You will eventually realize that they will become your strength like they have always been. Speaking to them, will give you the courage to move on & will help you to take every step with great ease.

Take care of yourselfeatsleepexercise

Make sure you are not compromising on your meals and your sleep. If you are used to a certain form of exercise,do not stop. Get yourself enrolled to make sure you are feeling good everyday. It is the small things that you do, which will make you feel better.

Problems in getting used or even understanding how the Transit works?Transit confusion

Its ok! Give yourself sometime. To get used to anything new, takes time. You will miss a few stops, you may also miss your train or bus, you might get into a wrong bus, you might see your bus go by, to just realize that you are standing at a wrong stop. its ok!  Do not panic. We all go through this process. Once you know it, you have nailed it. Do not lose hope.

Don’t feel belonged? Feel like shutting yourself somewhere?Notfeelbelonged

Well, they are all humans. Different in a lot of ways, but they all want to be spoken to just like how you would like it. If you are studying, I would suggest you start joining various clubs, this will expose you to different people around you, indirectly it will help you to adjust faster & more effectively.

Fear making mistakes?Fear

You will make mistakes, until you master it! Do not fear. Face them. Take small steps. Once you master one, let that become your motivation & keep moving ahead.

Culture shock?

One depressed person stands lonely, apart from the group, with the words Can't Fit In on his chest, symbolizing his rejection from the clique

Different country, different kinds of people, there ought to be differences in the way they speak, the way they interact just like how you find them different, even they find you different.

Feeling inferior?Mit Füßen treten – Mobbingopfer

There is a huge chance that you feel like a ‘nobody’ amongst many. Confidence tends to dip to the lowest point. You would be surprised to know that people around you also feel the same. You are not alone. Each one is trying to come out of that mind space and prove it to themselves.

Unbearable weather conditions?weatherconditions

Yes! this can be quite a challenge. It is important to understand that our emotions are to a large extent connected to the season. If you do not feel good about yourself and to add on to that, the weather conditions are terrible, it will make it all the more difficult for you. It is good to be aware. This is the time to get yourself involved in a lot more activities and keep yourself busy.

It is not easy & I do understand that. If you do feel the need to talk to someone about your challenges feel free to call me +1 647 939 1730. If you find it difficult to call me, leave me an email –, I will be more than happy to help you through this process.

I am sure there are many of you who have been through this situation, please do comment and let us know what has helped you the most to deal with your transition.




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