‘Let Him Go’

‘Let Him Go’

Letting go – How does one do this?

I woke up to this one, ‘If you love Batman, let him go, because Batman Returns.’ What caught my attention is ‘Let him Go’ Imagine if we also looked at life and relationships just like this. Being able to decide what is right & wrong for us. Eventually moving on for something better.


How many of us are able let go? How many of us are able to break the cycle of abuse?


Letting go is the toughest thing to do, because we fear that we will be left alone. We compromise. Sometimes we are ready to even take the abuse, because abuse seems better than being deserted.


Eric Berne, the person who created Transactional Analysis, mentions that “Any kind of stroke is better than no stroke at all.”

Its time to look back at our life & assess, what are the kinds of strokes that we are witnessing day in and day out.

Are WE ready to Let go of a stroke that is negative?

This reminds me of a beautiful quote that I read today, “Last night I lost the world & gained the universe.” – C. JoyBell C.

Only when We let go, will WE attract something bigger & better in our life.


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