How to celebrate Valentines alone?

How to celebrate Valentines alone?

Don’t Worry!

Just moved out of a relationship?

In a relationship, but its complicated?

No time for relationships, but still want to be in one?

Peer Pressure kills you?

Confused between two or more?

Scared to commit?

You like someone, but that person is just not interested?

or may be you would love to celebrate it, but your partner does not give this day any importance?

Whatever the reason it may be…


I am sure its tough to be in any of these positions!



I am not here to tell you what you can do to make sure you are not alone this Valentine’s day, instead I am taking this oppurtunity to help you understand that, HEY!  let’s look deeper. Deeper


Today even if I give you 10 things that you can do to make sure loneliness does not hit you, it will not last for too long. Even you know that!


So, what we need to understand is that, the grass is not always greener on the other side.Grass

Most of the times, we are upset not because we do not have something, we are actually upset because someone else has it & we don’t. But only they know whether they are happy or NOT? Remember, the grass is not always greener on the other side.


 We always feel that the other person’s life is happier & successful.


Social media


Social media makes it worse. We get so carried away by the pictures that others upload each day, various status updates that are made so frequently, every relationship status that gets updated, we begin to believe that we are the one’s who are unfortunate & we start feeling insecure about ourselves. 



How do you know that they are happy being in a relationship? Or how do you know that they are happy at all? They might be feeling lonely even while being in a relationship.

Scan your life now, how do you feel now, still miserable? I think its a choice that we make. We can drown in all the negative thought processes or we can create some realistic thoughts which will bring in some happiness in our lives.


Let’s do this together. Let us start building our list of what we are grateful for!


Write down every small thing that brings a smile on your face. Fill your bucket with a list of things, till you get to valentines day, you will be the happiest for what you have in your life.

Bucket list

Well done guys, you have come to the end of the blog & I am sure you will now begin to fill in your gratitude list & I am so proud of you!

Do leave in your comments as to how do you feel filling in your  very own”Gratitude Bucket.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

Love yourself, others will love you too.



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