Marriage! Relationships! Can get complicated..

Marriage! Relationships! Can get complicated..

“I care more about being close to you than I do about winning this argument.”

Just married

I happened to come across these beautiful lines today & I had to share them with you. I have always been this one person who has been fascinated by Relationships. May be that is exactly why I specialize in Marriage & Family Counselling.


Relationships, is the only SUBJECT, that absorbs me & I can have unlimited conversations about it. People often ask me, are you not curious about anything else? & I quite bravely say NO. It does not bother me that nothing else interest me as much as much as Relationships do.



Being in practice for years now, I have come to realize that “Respect” is the key to healthy Relationships. You come together because you love & care for each other immensely, but that gets lost along the way.

Where does it go? What takes away the love that you once had for your spouse or partner? Where does the care vanish? Why is it that you engage is more frequent fights than healthy discussions.

Does competition seep in? You start playing the TIT for TAT game? Is it about winning the argument all the time & proving that you are right?


Quick Tip For You Guys!


Say this to your loved one, when you know things are going out of hand. ‘I care more about being close to you, than winning this argument.’ You will see how instantly you will change the emotion that you and your spouse had for each other a couple of minutes back. When you tell your spouse that you care more for him/her, you are automatically giving him/her priority over everything else. You are telling them how much your love for them is unconditional. You are telling them that they are more important to you than this silly argument.


Life is too short to sail in negativity! Start now. Start today.

I would love to hear your experiences. Do share and comment below. You could be motivating someone else to work through their relationship.


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