Confuse Your Brain & Feel Good

Confuse Your Brain & Feel Good

My Vanity Kit!

Looking good

Problems are everywhere. There is no running away from them. So might as well let them be. Instead of worrying & thinking about them all the time. Lets do something different. You deserve to feel good!


To be honest, for almost a week I found myself just lost. I think a part of me was missing home, I did find myself slipping into a zone of unhealthy thinking patterns. Did not want to engage in conversations, stopped exercising, eating all junk, asking myself a lot of questions, which I had no answers to. Sometimes staring into space. Just too many things happening around.


I hated to be in a situation where I had no control over my thoughts. But what can you do, when you are in it. We just see no reality! I am sure we all agree with that. Even talking just does not help.


I did something very simple, which instantly got me out of that miserable zone. You know what I did?

I CONFUSED my brain.


I just started  to Dress Up every single day. From taking a long bath, to applying lotions, to wearing my best outfit, to wearing make up, putting on good fragrances, to well polished footwear, just everything. I was all dolled up & that gave me a liberated feeling, which I am unable to describe. You just need to feel it.


You know this did the trick for me. If you feel the same like I did. Try this ! I promise this will help you to get back to a space where you can start functioning normally again. That was a quick tip for today. Stay happy.



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