Do you think you have Postpartum Depression?

Finding It Difficult To Deal With The Change?


Motherhood is not easy. It is a challenge. Each year approximately 950,000 women are suffering postpartum depression.


It is ok to not be in the best of moods all the time. It is ok to not be perfect at all times. Being a Mother is a roller coaster of emotions. Nevertheless, what we need to be aware of is the term ‘Postpartum Depression’ that some woman go through during the first few years of Motherhood. It is important to be aware of what the symptoms are for the well being of the child and the mother.


How do I know If I am going through PostPartum Depression?


Pd - Overwhelmed


Pd - guilt


Pd - no happiness

PD - confusion scared

Pd - angry


Pd - emptiness


PD - crying


Pd failure


Pd - sleep eat


Pd focus


Pd wall


PD - snap out


Pd - thoughts


Pd judge


We need to understand that we are not ‘SUPER WOMEN’

SO.. Ask for HELP!


Pd super women

If you identify with any of the above symptoms & feel that you are not able to snap out. Please get in touch with a Professional NOW.


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