How to celebrate Valentines day?

Valentines- No big deal!? Listening to that quite often?

Let me share something with you!

Valentine's - Thinking

I, consciously wanted to know what people think about ‘Valentines Day.’ I was amazed to not having found many people who were excited about it, especially ‘COUPLES.’ What they tell me is that you do not need a special day to tell someone how much you love them. That is true! My husband tells me that he loves me everyday. He does not reserve it for VALENTINES DAY & I love it. Makes me feel special everyday.


But, that does not take away from the excitement of VALENTINES DAY for me & I am sure there are others who also would agree to what I have to say..


If I have to give my opinion,  I love the concept of these SPECIAL days. I think it gives me a reason to celebrate and acknowledge the other person presence in my life. Even if your partner does not give it as much importance as you do. Well, it does not matter. YOU do not have to ‘Judge’ him because he does not believe in it.


You know why? Because no two people are the same. People express differently. Sometimes, we have our spouses/partners who do small things for us & that is very thoughtful. It may not necessarily be on VALENTINES DAY!




P.S – You do not have to stop believing in something if the other person does not give it importance. NOR do you have to be upset about it.  You can still make this day special by gifting yourself something you always wanted to own. Why lose out on a  ‘Beautiful Present.’ Right?!

Does it make sense? So, this Valentines day, if you believe in it, get up & make yourself feel special. You deserve it.

Happy Valentines!


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