Most Effective Ways To Manage Your Life After A Break Up
Posted By : Date : Zainab | 01-19-2016
How to get yourself back! I do my thing And you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations And you are not in this world to live up to mine.   You are you and I am I And if by chance we find each other, its beautiful if not, it cannot be helped.   -Fritz pearls (1893-1970) Gestalt prayer.   Harsh lines!? not the best thing to hear. But quite a reality. I have been a biggest fan of these lines,…
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I’ll go to the gym tomorrow
Posted By : Date : Zainab | 01-18-2016
Feeling lazy yet again? Does this statement, sound familiar?! So many of us, use this one line quite often as an excuse to bail ourselves out. I do feel that when we say I’ll go tomorrow, we sincerely do mean that we will go to the gym the next day, and then we are again tired, we have had a long day, it’s winter, its going to be a pain to get all the layers off, change into gym clothes, I want to go with my friends for coffee etc.…
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How to deal with the Death of a loved one?
Posted By : Date : Zainab | 01-14-2016
Lost someone close to you? I learnt about Alan Rickman’s death recently, I have not known much about him, but having read all what people have to say about him, got me to read a lot more. While I was browsing through, I realized, death of a loved one is so difficult to deal with. I do not think that we ever get over the loss, but what we do is, that we try and re-adjust our lives, our relationships without that person around us. Only because, we do not…
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8 easy ways to make your Marriage work
Posted By : Date : Zainab | 01-13-2016
I have always wondered how it is, to fight with someone so greatly, when you know that the person who you are fighting with, is the one who you love the most. Its painful to have these arguments almost on an everyday basis. You wish that something magical would happen and you could again start experiencing that same warmth and respect for your spouse that you once felt in those initial years of your togetherness.   When two people start living in together, they are bound to have conflicts, but…
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